Discussion: change default layout for NO MVC object view

Oct 11, 2012 at 8:05 AM

This is a discussion thread just to make visible some of the work we've been doing over on Apache Isis (the "sister" project to Naked Objects on the Java platform), and for the possible adoption of one of its ideas: separating out properties vs collections.

You can see what the Isis layout looks like here: [1]

The main points are:

* move the collections off to the right, properties to the left

* group properties into sections (General vs Dates for example)

* render certain actions that pertain to collections near to the rendering of those actions


Another, related, point, is an attribute that allows the programmer to specify that certain collections should be opened up by default (eagerly resolved); a classic example is Order/OrderDetail.  In Isis we do this using a @Resolve(Type.EAGERLY) annotation on the collection.  Obviously this feature is a little more contentious because it has possible negative performance issues (frankly EF as an ORM isn't as advanced as the Java ORMs).

I've spoken offline to Richard about some of these points, but thought that the community at large might like to add their input.



[1]  https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/ISIS/WicketViewerRestyling