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  • Problems with VS2012 - because of having a pre-release install had a VS 11 rather than vs 2012 directory so templates did not show up - fixed by changing registry - do we need to do anything to preempt this as an issue ?
  • Are we going to remove ASPX and go with Razor in this release
RP: I don't think we'll do this one without DSP agreement
  • Bug with CSS - need to sort out alignment of 'Clear' test in breadcrumbs when ususing new css
RP: Fixed
  • Had to remove 'compilation debug' statement from web.config.transform for vs2012 - check it's not needed for vs2010
  • Note readme.txt for intranet security !
RP: What's the issue?
  • the NO t4 template is giving the following warning
Warning 1 Running transformation: The input file appears to be using a schema version not supported by this template. This may lead to compile errors. Please use 'Add New Generated Item' to add an updated template.
RP: Covered this in the documentation. Ticket raised also, but not important to fix.
  • Code snippets are still not installing on vs2012
RP: Worked for me. I suspect this is just the same issue as the first bullet point.

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